Professional Development Course in Managing Partnerships

For this project, I developed an online course and accompanying workshop series for the organization. The purpose was to teach external-facing staff different strategies and approaches to develop strong partnerships and maintain a solid company reputation.

I began by conducting a needs analysis with different staff members and then had six staff members review content as I developed it. We decided to deliver the course in Moodle and use Articulate Storyline and Microsoft Sway presentations to supplement material.

Inspired by e-Learning Heroes and eLearning Uncovered’s free webinar series, I personalized the Storyline in different ways. For example, I asked participants to share their name so that emails would appear to be delivered to them personally, choose the order of emails to read, and provide a “thumbs up” check-in of their understanding toward the end.

One of the biggest challenges of developing this project was maintaining project deadlines and milestones. In the future, I’ll be more conscientious of using project management principles and developing built-in review cycles.

I focused on the training being

  • simple,
  • flexible,
  • cooperative,
  • informed by staff, and
  • social.

Highlight of Skills & Tools

These are some of the tech tools and skills I refined while working on this course:

Visual & Audio Design

  • Articulate Storyline 3 to develop a personalized learning experience
  • Microsoft Sway to portray different scenarios
  • Providing audio feedback to employee responses
  • Using Adobe In Design to develop job aids

Instructional Design 

  • Choose-your-own-adventure style assessment
  • Storyboarding for Articulate Storyline project
  • Using icons from Font Awesome to indicate opportunity for reflection, discussion, or practice

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